Calypso Cruises is a family run business that started when Nick’s dream of owning his own charter catamaran came true , after Nick  and his father Val bought a catamaran that was wrecked during a hurricane in Barbados.  After a year and a few month, thanks to Val’s hard work and knowledge of boat building, the catamaran Calypso Girl was launched.

Nick learnt to sail at the young age of four. Taught by Val in front of the Boatyard beach bar. His love for the sea and sailing grew, and started crewing on the charter catamarans at the age of 11 and getting his first captains position at 19.

Join them abaord there modifyed 44 ft fontaine pajote belize sailing catamaran, for a personal and intimate day. Leave the croweds and loud music behind, and enjoy some of the finer things they have to offer.